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  • Ahmose Rule:Founder of 18th Dynasty: 1550-1526 BC
    Predecessor:Brother Kamose
    Father:Tao 2
    Mother:Queen Aahotep
    Nomen:Birth name: Ahmose: The moon is born
    Praenomen:Throne name: Nebpehtire: The lord of strength is Ra
    Consorts:Ahmose-Nefretiri: This wife held considerable power and was worshipped for many generations to come
    - She developed a very popular cult and her name has been found in 50 private tombs and more than 80 monuments
    Capital city:Thebes
    Reign: - He ended the work begun by his parents, re-conquering Lower Egypt and expelling the Hyksos invaders who had run the country for over 100 years in a final battle against Apophis, the opposing king.
    - He then followed the Hyksos to Palestine where he defeated them
    - Ahmose 1 led campaigns to solidify the border in Nubia in order to keep out a possible invasion
    - He conquered a territory stretching from Syria-Palestine in the North, to the 2nd cataract in Nubia in the South., this marked the beginning of the New Kingdom and Egypt became the most powerful nation in the Ancient Near East.
    - Ahmose honored his god Amun for the many victories won, and enlarged his temple at his capital city Thebes, this act set a precedent for future kings, which began the rise of Amun over all other gods.
    Burial:- In Deir Abu el-Naga in Abydos Ahmose built the last royal pyramid in Egypt for his burial place
    - Little remains of Ahmose's pyramid, at the time of construction it was 70 meters square, and is the only one located in upper Egypt,
    - This tomb at consisted of many parts, a cliff temple, the ceremonial tomb, a pyramid and a temple to the pyramid.
    - Scenes from the pyramid-temple are thought to shown scenes of Ahmose and his victory over the Hyksos
    - His well preserved mummy was found in Deir El Bahri Cache, it shows that Ahmose died when he was around 35 years old
    Successor:When Ahmose 1 died, Ahmose-Nefretiri acted as regent until their son Amenhotep 1 was old enough to rule by himself
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