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  • The Egyptian literature is characterized by a wide diversity subject matter:
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    Religious literature

    1. Hymns to the gods
    2. Mythological texts - The Legend of Osiris is the most famous ancient literature myth.
    3. Pyramid Texts
    4. Coffin Texts
    5. Book of the Dead

    Secular literature

    Includes stories; instructive literature, known as wisdom texts; and poems. Some of the stories include elements of mythology and may owe much to an oral story telling tradition. The following are examples of these are simple stories form Egypt that have survived thousands of years.

    1. Cinderella - This story of Cinderella where her name is Rhodopis is the oldest version of the story.
    2. Crocodile - Hamut and Nekatu the two children, and the baby crocodile.
    3. Doomed Prince - A Prince fated by the gods to die by the Snake, the Crocodile or the Dog.
    4. Journey to Land of Dead - The journeys of Se-Osiris as he takes his father to the Underworld and back.
    5. Proverbs - The kingdom of heaven is within you; and whosoever shall know himself shall find it.
    6. Sealed Letter - Se Osiris reads the sealed letter to prove his magic.
    7. Turquoise Amulet -Pharaoh Snefru's trip down the Nile with the maiden who lost her amulet.

    Biographical and Historical Texts

    1. Edict Against The Blacks
    2. Campaign of Thutmose 2 in Nubia

    Scientific treatises, mathematical and medical texts

    1. The Edwin Smith Papyrus
    2. The Ebers Papyrus