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    A long time ago in Egypt, one morning while at play, Hamut and his sister, Nekatu, two Egyptian children, found a baby crocodile. Each day they fed him and swam with him in the Nile River. One day Nekatu and Hamut spied a boat. They climbed aboard and hid themselves from the crew. By the next morning they were hundreds by miles from their village. When found by the crew the captain sailed into port to try to find them a home with a friend while runners returned to the village to tell the family of their whereabouts. The captain's friend happened to be a sculptor who soon was teaching Hamut to carve statues. Before long Nekatu was drawing and painting. The villagers were in awe of the children's talents. The sculptor had been commissioned to work in on underground pyramid and asked the children to assist him in decorating the walls.

    One day the Pharaoh visited his tomb and was astonished to see the work of the children. Remembering his wife's birthday was soon, he asked them to design a present for her, something very rare and special. The children began to work and by the time of the party the rare and special gift was complete, and they were present for the unveiling before the queen. She was so pleased with her birthday gift that she invited Hamut and Nekatu to sit with her and the Pharaoh at the banquet table. From this they garnered enormous fame but stayed modest and shy.

    However, some villains knowing of their talents kidnapped them and sailed to foreign ports to ransom them. By this time the flood waters had appeared and the boat soon sank in the turbulent waves. To the children's rescue came their old friend the crocodile who carried them safely home.

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