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  • photo showing columns at the temple of Amun at karnak
    Architectural drawing, showing the plan for the temple of Amun at karnak


    Architectural Layout of West - East axis:

    1. A short avenue of sphinxes leads to the temple's first pylon.
    2. First Pylons - these were never finished, built the 30th Dynasty Nubian Pharaoh Nectanebo 1.
    3. First Court - in the center of this court are the ruins of the kiosk of Taharqa (690-664 BC), On the right-hand side of the court, in front of the second pylon, stands a small temple built by Ramses 3.
    4. Second Pylons - built by Seti 1, with two standing statues of Ramses 2.
    5. The most celebrated Great hypostyle hall constructed in the New Kingdom by Ramses 2 A number of columns supported a flat stone roof. Forming the chief and largest inner space of the temple,
    6. Third Pylons - constructed by Amenhotep 3, his Stelae describes the principal monuments that he had built in honor of Amun
    7. The Obelisk Court - This small court has Four obelisks, erected by Thutmose 1 and Thutmose 3. This court is also an intersection point with the north - south axis of the temple.
    8. 4th & 5th Pylons - constructed by Thutmose 1, between the pylons a hypostyle hall, with columns made of cedar wood was constructed by Thutmose 1. The cedar columns were replaced with stone columns by Thutmose 3, Hatshepsut erected two obelisks inside this hall
    9. Central court - an open area
    10. Festival Temple - constructed by Thutmose 3, including the unusual feature of tent shaped columns
    11. The inner Sanctuary of Amun

    Architectural Layout of North - South axis:

    1. The Obelisk Court - the intersection with the west - east axis (mentioned above).
    2. Pyramidion - constructed by Hatshepsut
    3. The first court of the temple's north - south axis
    4. 7th pylons - constructed by Thutmose 3
    5. The second court
    6. 8th pylons
    7. The third court
    8. 9th pylons
    9. the fourth court
    10. 10th pylons - two colossal sandstone statues
    11. Avenue of sphinxes - connected the temple of Amun (north) to the precinct of Mut (south)
    12. The precinct of Mut

    Photos: Amun Temple at Karnak

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